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BURLINGTON, ON. Canada (May 15, 2012) – Aladon LLC, the world leader in Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM2) based methodologies announced today that Management Resources Group, Inc. (MRG), a leader in reliability engineering and enterprise asset management services, has joined The Aladon Network. As a member organization, MRG Consultants will be certified by Aladon as Practitioners and Facilitators in the delivery of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2) based reliability methodologies, including Maintenance Task Analysis and Current Practice Review. They will apply their extensive training, coupled with their industrial expertise to facilitate, train, coach and mentor people working in asset-intensive companies to successfully deploy Aladon world class asset care strategies.

MRG became an Ivara EXP implementation partner in 2011 and a technology partner in January 2012, with the addition of the MRG MTA/failure mode template library to EXP Cloud.

The Aladon partnership completes their alignment of reliability methodologies and supporting technologies. Although MRG already had a strong focus on reliability using their own RCM based techniques, they recognized that Aladon brought enhanced training and certification programs for their consultants and customers with a focus on quality and standardization. As part of Aladon’s worldwide network, MRG now has access to other experienced practitioner companies willing to share knowledge and expertise in many regions of the world.

“We are proud to become members of The Aladon Network,” said Robert DiStefano, CEO, MRG. “The RCM2 methodology has long represented the pinnacle of analytical RCM rigor and we are proud to add Aladon Network membership to our certifications in excellence. We now offer unparalleled support for our clients who are implementing Ivara EXP.”

“MRG is at the forefront of reliability and maintenance management and they bring complementary capability and expertise to our partnership.” said Florian Lenders, Vice President of the Aladon Network & Ivara Corporation. “We are thrilled that MRG is now part of The Aladon Network and look forward to collaborating on future reliability improvement projects.”

As a Member Organization, MRG will offer RCM2 based training in North America and the European Union. For more information, visit www.mrgsolutions.com.


About The Aladon Network:
The Aladon Network is a global community of reliability professionals whose members are certified by Aladon as Practitioners and Facilitators in the delivery of RCM2 based equipment reliability methodologies. The Network is a fraternity of experts with a profound understanding of what must be done to ensure that reliability practices are correctly understood and effectively executed and applied. This global network has helped clients apply RCM2 based practices in over 80 countries. More than 70,000 people have attended Aladon training courses worldwide. Aladon is owned and operated by Ivara Corporation.

Visit www.thealadonnetwork.com or call 905-639-6513.

Aladon Contact:
Chris Nunes
Manager, The Aladon Network

About MRG:
Management Resources Group, Inc. is a professional services firm dedicated to helping clients optimize the reliability and performance of physical assets, thereby maximizing the financial and business return on those assets. Founded in 1987, Management Resources Group, Inc. is dedicated to adoption of proactive maintenance practices and processes across the globe. To learn more about Management Resources Group, Inc., Visit: www.mrgsolutions.com or call our main office at 203.264.0500.

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Dennis Belanger
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